Car rental for legal entities

To ensure the normal operation of the business, high mobility of management, a number of employees of the sales, procurement, technical service department is required. The first transport is necessary for the operational ability to go to negotiations or resolve issues in one of the separate divisions of the enterprise. The latter provide timely customer service, sending documents, supplying spare parts and components. In case of force majeure situations, when personal transport is not available for any reason, car rental comes to the rescue, which guarantees the stability of the business and minimizes the likelihood of downtime for a certain time.

In what cases may you need to rent a car for a legal entity persons?

Usually, enterprises already have the necessary fleet of machines that allow them to solve daily tasks in a regular manner. But in order to reduce costs, the number of cars is limited to a reasonable number, which makes it relevant for corporate clients the need to quickly rent a car. This is usually due to:

  • malfunction of your own vehicle;
  • force majeure situations when there was a sharp increase in the volume of work;
  • desire to meet clients with dignity;
  • the need to deliver employees to a remote site;
  • meeting the technical team or sending it to the client.

In this case, the rental services offered in Kiev and Kharkov by the company "Solly +" will become universal.

Car rental conditions for legal entities

In general, short-term or long-term vehicle rental services for legal entities are subject to the following conditions:

  • making a deposit for a car - transfer to a current account, blocking funds on a corporate card, transferring cash;
  • conclusion of an agreement between the parties for the provision of a vehicle for a long time, additional services;
  • checking the documents of the driver who will drive the car and the power of attorney for him.

In the future, the car, leased to the company, is inspected, after which the representative of the company takes it from the parking lot.

Documentation for registration

In general, customers wishing to arrange a car rental in Kiev (in Ukraine) must provide the following documents:

  • company registration certificate;
  • details for invoicing, paperwork and a certificate of services rendered;
  • power of attorney for a company representative who will pick up the car from the parking lot;
  • driver's license and passport of the representative of the organization who will drive the car during rental.

Under the terms of work of "Solly +", a vehicle that is leased for a legal entity can only be driven by a driver at least 23 years old. He must also have at least 2 years of driving experience with a valid license.

Cost and features of car rental for business in the "Solly +" company

The company "Solly +" offers customers rental services for legal entities. In general, the price of services depends on the class of the car (budget, business), year of manufacture, rental period, location, time of return and collection of the car.
For example, budget-level car rentals for a day start at $ 18. For budget or business class cars, it can be 200-300-400 US dollars. At the same time, when renting a legal entity, there are a number of conditions:

  • the need to provide a deposit, the amount of which depends on the car and the desire to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy;

  • limiting the average daily mileage at the level of 300 kilometers - for exceeding it will be necessary to make an additional payment according to the price list;

  • the need to return the car to the parking lot with a full fuel tank - otherwise, the insufficient volume can be paid for at the average market price.

If necessary, you can rent the necessary cars for business with a personal driver, conditions can be negotiated with the company manager.

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