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Renting a wedding car is one of the first items on the list of preparations for a wedding celebration. Modern newlyweds choose festive and prestigious cars that stand out from the general flow of cars. They emphasize status and make one of the main days in life special in their own way. Renting a VIP transport will give you an unforgettable wedding.

How does the choice of a wedding car affect the holiday?

For a perfect celebration, you need the perfect car. Most often, newlyweds are busy looking for a premium car. Of course, no one wants to lead the wedding procession in a car of a domestic manufacturer. Therefore, the choice falls on the elite expensive foreign cars.
Not everyone has such transport. It is not always possible to borrow a car from friends or relatives. The best solution is to rent a vehicle. The choice of a car has a direct impact on the celebration, so you need to:

  • select a car for the theme of the wedding;
  • do not forget about comfort;
  • remember that a car often complements wedding photography;
  • focus on a roomy car;
  • pay attention to the design of the car.

For a European-style celebration, a luxury or business-class car is suitable; for a vintage wedding, retro cars are chosen. For those who want to stand out, it is better to order a limousine, and a youth wedding can be held with the participation of jeeps.
Comfort also plays an important role. Huddling in a tiny car without air conditioning is not the best option. Especially if it is a hot summer, the bride is in a fluffy dress, and the groom is in a suit.
The wedding car is often used as an attribute of photography. Newlyweds prefer to see an elegant car in their photos. And the Soviet auto industry is unlikely to be suitable for this.
If the bride and groom want to move around the city with a company of friends or relatives, the car should be roomy. A suitable option for these purposes is a limousine.
The car must have the appropriate design. Cheap and tasteless decor can spoil even the most noble car.

How to choose a car for a wedding?

When choosing a car, calculate everything to the smallest detail. Better to spend a little extra time on the preparatory stage than ruin your mood on a holiday.
In order not to take a "pig in a poke", preview the cars you like live. An inexpensive car is not always good, because dreams may not coincide with reality. For example, in the salon there may be too little room for the fluffy hem of the bride's dress.
Popular wedding cars:

  • Mercedes W221;
  • limousine Lincoln Town Car;
  • Chrysler 300C;
  • Audi A8;
  • BMW X5.

Many people want to share a trip to a restaurant or a walk with friends. They will also have to be placed in the car. Some couples take a photographer or videographer with them to their car for unforgettable memories. In this case, you will also need the most spacious car for the wedding.
On the other hand, consider the route as well. It will be difficult and long to get through traffic jams in a limousine, so it is better to rent not one, but several cars.
Make sure the rental car is working properly. In the summer, the air conditioner should work in it, and in the winter, the stove should be heated. A responsible car rental company will not allow this. The client is obliged to receive a fully serviceable car.

Rent a Mercedes for a wedding

Mercedes is a world famous brand of German cars. It is a sign of prestige, quality and reliability. Mercedes cars are safe and beautiful, and therefore are so popular as a wedding car.
For the motorcade, white or black cars are most often preferred. They look solemn and elegant. What could be more festive than a white Mercedes that matches the bride's dress perfectly? But if you choose the color, then with the Mercedes model it can be more difficult.
Renting a Mercedes would be an excellent option for newlyweds. For example, the Mercedes-Benz S Class is an executive car that can be seen from afar. It is designed to carry five people, who will be comfortable and spacious in the cabin. The car is equipped with climate control and an automatic transmission.
If you are looking for a more spacious wedding car, then take a look at the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. It is suitable for transporting guests at a wedding, as it can accommodate seven people.

Advantages of car rental with "Solly +"

Renting a wedding car in "Solly +" (Kharkiv city) you will be satisfied with the quality of the vehicle and the service provided. The advantages of our company:

  • a large fleet of vehicles with a variety of cars;
  • a car in Ukraine for any budget with a wide choice of prices - from economy to business class;
  • only new cars - all rental cars were produced no earlier than 2015;
  • complete serviceability and safety of all vehicles.

The company "Solly +" offers car rental services in Kharkov for any needs, including for weddings. In the catalog you will find inexpensive budget class cars, as well as those that emphasize the high status of the client.

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