Car rental abroad

Car rental abroad

The rental market of automobiles is subject to the organization of the rise in price in Europe; And the service of renting cars will relieve tourists in the face of their problems, when they visit the foreigners behind the cordon,

There are two options for organizing motor vehicle prices in Europe - on special machines and on a transport vehicle, rented for the road. Tourists will gladden them with a rented car for the sake of economy. We need to draw up a hiring contract before the trip, via the Internet, and fill out the keys and documents from the representative of the rental agency at the airport.

Rent a car for a trip around Europe

It is possible to rent a car on the websites of rental companies and on aggregator resources, for example, on Rentalcars or Carrentals, it is possible to determine the prices for the entire segment and on the basis of sparing.

You can issue a car rental outside the cordon, more precisely, at foreign rent dealers. Nemay senseu take a car for rent from the great international corporations (Europcar and HERTZ, Budget and Alamo, Sixt and In.) Consider renting companies, such as Auto Europe, GoldCar and Easycar, more visibility to the tourist - the rent and the rate for the deposit, if the transfer rates are lower, lower for the brand name, but we can’t be strict before the trip.

Ale, vibir cars from the mice companies are surrounded by basic models, and they know the offices in the country are very smart, and the odd smells function only in the great places. If it is on the way to find out the force majeure furnishings, the manager can be checked up to 36 years old, some of them will need to take an hour for a new car and for delivery to the client.

Additional information for tourists to register a car for a trip outside the cordon in Ukraine, de:

  • the rental rate is insured for the return of the average statistical Ukraine;
  • rozrakhunok zdіysnyuєit not in euro, but in hryvnias;
  • contracts for registration of Ukrainian language and leather goods;
  • Organized by the tsіlodobova klієntska pіdtrimka on the іdnіy movі.

Do not mess up seize the rights, right away because of that, in yaky land, buv registration of hiring contracts. As soon as the car is guilty, it was delivered to the airport in one hour, and if you are not happy, you can change the sum of the loan for a whole day. If the car is not in accordance with the one described in the contract - please replace the car. The one who has been named is guilty of being the reason for the beating up to the head office of the company, which is responsible for the moral abuse and material vitrates.

The vibe of the transport means to lay down for the purpose of increasing the price, unimportant on those roads that are good everywhere in Europe - both in the places, and on the other local highways, which lead to the cost of farms. The program also includes a look at the visiting memorials of the places, walking walks, going to the museum and visiting the show, making a trip to the economy sedan, or business class. You will go everywhere and park, and a car with a minimal vitrato can help you to spare up to six hundred euros.

Hire of a pozashlyakhovik auxiliary for driving on foreign roads, from the entrance to important places - Uzbek rivers and lakes, woodland galyavins, old-fashioned farms and others. As soon as the company has 5 people at a time, think, how can you rent a minivan cheaply or a minibus, if you do not transfer to a passenger compartment.

European companies for renting cars will establish the proper rules for transporting vehicles on the class, so you can use your mother on uvaz minivans, and the operator can arrange a golf class for cars. Specify which car itself will fit into the booking agreement.

What documents are needed to rent a car abroad?

Car rental in Ukraine is carried out in accordance with the list of documents, the list of which is somewhat different from the package of documents that are scanned on foreign rental sites or presented to the company directly.

When registering in Ukraine, it is enough to have with you:

  • foreign passport with an open visa;
  • driver's license in which the surname is duplicated in English or Latin;
    identification code;
  • a bank credit card on which the deposit money is blocked against the final payment for the rental, which the service provider can withdraw.

So, as you can rent a car on the European website, prepare for this:

  • a foreign passport with an open Schengen visa (if the trip includes EU countries) or a visa to one specific country;
  • driver's license with Latin or English letters of the full name and an international driver's license, which is required not in every country, but only in those that have signed the Geneva Convention;
  • credit card to block the deposit.

During the trip, you need to have insurance and a voucher with you, which is issued by the agency, which indicates that the car is rental, the details of the renter and the duration of the contract.

When applying for a rental license, remember that in most countries, renting is allowed only from the 25-year mark, while the total driving experience must be at least a year. You need to know that in some countries, the age limit is reduced to 21 years, but there is a "pitfall" - agencies increase the cost of renting unnecessarily young drivers.

If someone else has a license in your company, think about how to rent a car for two so that you do not spend most of the day behind the wheel, increasing the risk of an emergency. The personal data of the second driver is entered into the contract (he presents the same documents as the main renter) and has the right to be behind the wheel of the car. If this is not done, then when the police stop the car for a check, troubles cannot be avoided, for such "tricks" the insurance of the driver and the car will be canceled. Calculate how much the "cheap" trip will cost if you have an accident?

What determines the rental price and when to pay?

The rental price consists of two parts - the base and the additional amount. The principal amount is small and is formed by multiplying the number of rental days and the daily rental cost. She is jealous of:

  • the class of the car, its age and equipment;
  • the total mileage of the car and the technical condition;
  • the average mileage that the driver plans to drive in a day;
  • types of insurance policy issued by the driver.

Basic rental figures are attractive, but you will pay for a number of additional options. This is a surcharge for:

  • age - if the driver is under 25;
  • service "second driver";
  • baby car seat;
  • navigator and access to the router;
  • leaving the country;
  • full insurance;
  • one-way return - if the car needs to be received and given away at different points;
  • excess daily mileage.

If the contract contains only payment numbers, and the agency then announces a different cost - clarify why the supplier changed the terms of the contract, and leave only the services you need.

When comparing the cost of agency services, do not forget about the deposit - its amount depends on the characteristics of the car and is indicated in the contract (as a rule, it is 200-3000 euros). The amount is blocked on a credit card, and within a month after the expiration of the insurance, it is unfrozen. Therefore, in order not to feel the need for funds while they are frozen, it is better to carry out these operations with a credit card with a long period of benefits.

You can pay rent in different ways:

  • in parts - to pay in advance when filling out the application, transfer the rest to the agency's account after all services have been provided;
  • in the office of the company in cash or by card.

When deciding how and where it is better to pay for the contract, heed the advice of experienced travelers - pay everything with a card so that you have documentary evidence in the form of checks on transactions.

Which insurance to choose?

The scope of insurance services depends on the rental company and the client's choice. The most profitable option is basic insurance, which includes standard insured events listed in the OSAGO. The amount paid to the client in the event of an insured event is small, but the cost of the services provided by the company corresponds to them.

If you plan to accept offers for additional insurance, then you can add to the basic insurances such as LDW and TLP, which cover the costs of an accident, you can add:

  • clause on civil liability insurance - it is valid provided that there is damage in the form of bodily harm and damage to property, which, after determining its size, must be paid to third parties;
  • TOP COVER LDW - the service implies a reduction in the driver's liability in case of damage to the car or theft of the car. Registration of this service leads to a halving of the deposit amount blocked on the card;
  • SUPER TOP COVER LDW - assumes zero liability of its owner when applying an insured event. Deductible and deposit for this insurance are not paid.

Is it worth taking out extended insurance or not - every driver decides. Think about how much your health, restful sleep, independence, nerves cost? Are they more expensive than these cash expenditures or not? If you value your comfort dearly, pay extra for insurance and sleep well to be sure of receiving qualified medical services. If you are confident in your abilities, trust the safest roads in the world and do not want to spend $ 50-80 as an additional fee, check out the basic service package.

The names of insurance programs do not have a standard status, therefore the names indicated above may be called differently by other agencies, for example, Relax Insurance, Full Insurance or Liability Insurance.

Traffic rules abroad

Everyone takes the observance of traffic rules in Europe very seriously - drivers are aware of their responsibility to pedestrians, do not violate the speed limit, stop at traffic lights and do not start at a yellow light. But, force majeure cannot be ruled out, and many accidents do occur as a result of a combination of circumstances.

If an accident has occurred, do not ask the police how much it costs to “forget” about the accident, especially if the tenant just crashed into the bump stop, call the police and the rental service manager. Further actions depend on the instructions of the police representative.

If the damage was minor, the car can be used further, and the agency will calculate the amount of damage caused and deduct it from the reserved deposit. If the car is out of order, the agency will provide a new vehicle and will also withdraw money from the deposit or include the cost of repairs in the rental agreement.

Do not flatter yourself if you do not see police officers on the roads - all your movements are recorded by numerous video cameras and recorders, so any violation will be recorded. The fine is sent to the name of the rental office and then debited from the credit card deposit, moreover, small amounts will be debited without notifying the cardholder.

Some companies do not solve the problems of their customers, but send fines to their client to their home address, so it’s not a fact that in a month or two, you will not find a notification in your mailbox. The fine varies in the range of 100-300 euros and it will not be possible to avoid this payment, since the country where the violation was committed may refuse to apply for a visa the next time.



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