What is needed to rent a car abroad

What is needed to rent a car abroad

Car rental allows you to make vacation more exciting, rich and comfortable. If you are going to relax abroad or go to another country on a business trip, you need to know what you need to make a car rental, where to look for companies to rent a car abroad and what documents you need to take with you. This information will help you find a reliable company and avoid unnecessary costs and problems.

Advantages of car rental abroad

Rent a car is a popular service. With its help, you can freely move around cities and resorts, inspect sights, arrange picnics on secluded beaches or in the mountains.

By renting a car, you do not depend on the schedule of public transport and the cost of taxi services. It is also worth highlighting the following rental advantages:

  • savings on transfers (you do not have to pay for a trip from the airport to the hotel, the car can be served directly to the arrival terminal);
  • savings on the excursion program (you can get to the local attractions yourself);
  • a high level of safety (you may not worry about rough taxi drivers overstating the price tag for foreigners, or that you will be late for the train or will not have time to close the subway);
  • the opportunity not to abandon the usual comfort abroad.

Car rental companies offer a decent choice of cars. You will be able to choose models for a family trip, choose an executive class car or a maneuverable and economical small car. You can also rent a car with an automatic transmission or mechanics, choose a convertible for romantic trips or a jeep for off-road travel.

The cost of car rental is quite affordable, in addition, companies offer various types of insurance to protect the financial interests of the tenant. Each tenant will be able to choose a program taking into account experience, road conditions and other important factors.

And the last moment. At the request of the customer, cars are equipped with additional amenities. You can order the installation of a children's chair or booster, navigator, choose a car with climate control, parktronics and other options.

Renting a car abroad will significantly expand your capabilities. You can visit places where "hiking" tourists do not get, see neighboring cities and resorts. You will not have to spend money on taxis and pay for excursion trips, you will be able to travel in your own rhythm and make routes taking into account individual interests. If you ever want to hire a car in Kharkov, contact our company, as we offer the best conditions for customers.

How to choose a car for hire, online or on the spot?

Renting a car abroad is a popular service, and many companies offer rental, both local and international. Potential customers can find rental firms on the Internet, or choose a company upon arrival abroad. Each of the embodiments has advantages and disadvantages.

Booking a car online is a convenient option. The tenant will be able to compare prices in a calm atmosphere and choose the most profitable offer. Having issued the reservation, you can be sure that in another country you will wait for the ordered car.

Choosing over the Internet takes a little time. All cars are presented with a photo and detailed description. The site must contain requirements for the driver and rental conditions (cost, insurance, franchise, etc.).

Of the shortcomings of online booking, only the need to make an advance payment can be distinguished. This is not too convenient for travelers who can change plans. But, as a rule, the amount of the pledge is returned if you timely notify the company of the refusal of the reservation.

An early booking should be noted separately. The advantages of such a solution are:

  • a large selection of cars (the sooner you book, the more chances you will find a car that meets your requirements for the right dates);
  • the possibility to refuse the reservation if your plans have changed (specify the terms of refusal and refund of the advance when booking);
  • the possibility of renting a car abroad at a favorable rate (companies often provide discounts on earlier reservations);
  • reliability (you can be sure that the car will be served at a previously agreed time).

Early booking of cars abroad is especially relevant in high season. You do not have to look for a car at the last moment or compromise by ordering a car that does not fit some parameters. You will be able to calmly select the car according to any requirements.

If you decide to hire a car on site, then this choice also has some advantages. For example, you can not by photo, but live evaluate the state of the car and even ask for a test drive before issuing the contract. In addition, large companies or aggregators usually work through the Internet. By contacting the company directly you can take a car at a better price. It is also worth noting that small private companies at hotels do not put forward such strict requirements for driver experience and age as large companies. It is quite possible to take a car to persons under 21 with little driving experience.

Where to rent a car abroad?

Car rental services abroad are provided by many companies. As mentioned, you can book online, rent a car directly at the airport or at the hotel. But if you want to guarantee a high level of service, then you should be responsible for choosing a company.

Of the large landlords providing car rental services abroad, Discover Car Hire can be distinguished. The company has representative offices in many countries of the world, including Poland, Great Britain, Cyprus, Australia, and the United States. Users note excellent service, customer orientation and the absence of hidden fees and payments for online booking and car rental abroad.

Autoeurope is popular with travelers who prefer to relax in Europe. The car rental company has more than 24 thousand rental points located in different cities and resorts. It is also worth noting the affordable prices and a large selection of cars. In Autoeurope you can rent a compact fiat, SUV or a chic convertible.

Easyrentcars is also popular. Especially favorable terms of cooperation with this company on early booking. Customers can count on solid discounts. Of the company's advantages, it is also worth noting the large selection of insurance programs and the impeccable technical condition of the fleet.

For travelers with a small budget, you can recommend Myrentacar. This company offers affordable prices for car rental services abroad. In addition, there is a discount system for regular customers. Myrentacar also offers instant booking service, which is convenient for those who urgently need to hire a car. The company operates in Montenegro, EU countries, Georgia and other states.

Car rental abroad is offered not only by large corporations. Often, small firms provide quality services for quite reasonable money. However, you should be careful about choosing a landlord, especially in popular resorts. Please read the reviews about the company before making a contract.

Pay special attention to the reviews of other customers. It is also necessary to carefully read the contract, check the machine for defects (scratches, dents, cabin conditions, etc.), all existing shortcomings must be recorded in the contract. Otherwise, you may be "hung" by other people's injuries, and you will have to pay for scratches or torn upholstery of the chairs.

What does the cost of renting a car abroad depend on?

The cost of a car rental service abroad can vary greatly. The price is based on the following parameters:

  • car class;
  • duration of rental (the longer you use the lease, the cheaper it will cost a day of rental);
  • type of insurance (landlords offer insurance with different coverage);
  • additional services and options (renting a children's chair, availability of climate control in the car, parking, etc.);
  • value of permissible daily mileage.

In addition, the price may increase due to a small driving experience or the young age of the tenant.

Planning to the budget, do not forget that in addition to the cost of renting a car, you will have to pay for fuel, washing the car, parking and travel on toll roads. Therefore, before going abroad, be sure to specify the cost of gasoline, parking lots, as well as the rules for paying for travel on highways. For example, in Poland you can pay for travel on the road with a toll card, euro or zloty. When traveling to the Czech Republic, you need to purchase a special pass that is attached to the windshield. And in Hungary, motorists are given an electronic pass.

Another possible item of expenses is fines and retention upon delivery of a car. Before renting a car, it is necessary to clarify why they can withhold funds from a deposit. As a rule, almost all car rental companies put forward requirements that the car be handed over in pure form and with a full tank. If you violate this condition, you will be billed for a gas station, a wash, possibly a dry cleaning of the cabin. Fines can also be imposed for exceeding the daily mileage (usually 300-400 km allowed).

Also take into account that when renting a car with an insurance franchise (this is a fairly popular option abroad), the funds blocked on your card will not return immediately, but in a few days. Be sure to specify whether the franchise is refundable and under what conditions. If the company does not return funds, it is better to look for another car rental company.

Not too responsible drivers should worry about fines for violating traffic rules. Penalties for speeding come to the auto rental office, the amount will be deducted from your deposit. You will be notified of other fines by phone or e-mail. It is mandatory to pay fines received abroad. Otherwise, you can get on the black list of car rental companies. In Kiev car rental is significantly cheaper, for car rental in Kiev, contact our company Solly +.

Features of car rental abroad?

In the prince, renting a car abroad is not much different from a similar service in Ukraine. However, in each country there may be certain features and rental rules. For example, in Greece or Cyprus, you can agree to rent a car by a driver under 21 years old. In law-abiding Germany, you are unlikely to meet even for an additional fee.

Many users note that prices on the site or on price lists differ from real ones. This is due to the fact that the landlord does not specify mandatory taxes and fees for advertising purposes. Therefore, before issuing, be sure to specify how much you will have to pay.

As for the documents required to rent a car abroad, you will need:

  • foreign passport;
  • Driver's certificate (some countries accept only international-style rights);
  • insurance (issued at the conclusion of a lease agreement;
  • voucher (if you booked online).

When traveling on a rental car abroad, be sure to carry with you a passport, rights, insurance and contract. These documents will be needed during an accident or in the event of a check on the roads.

You can find out about the other features of car rental in the selected country when booking online or on specialized sites or forums. You also need information about traffic rules, toll roads, parking features. Such information will allow you to feel confident abroad and save yourself from unpleasant surprises.


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