Car rental terms

For car rental you will need

  • The passport
  • Identification code for residents
  • Driving license (the experience specified in it must not be less than 2 full years)
  • You must be at least 23 years old at the time of rental.


Non-residents of Ukraine must provide

  • Document proving the identity
  • The driving license of the internationally accepted type


In addition to the cost of rental, a deposit is required, which is individual for each car. 

The size of the deposit can be reduced when purchasing an additional insurance package, Casco min, middle, max.

Additional services

For an additional fee you can order a child seat or GPS

Car rental service with a personal driver.

You can car rental with a personal driver. Check with company managers for more details.

Mileage limit.

Rented car has a limit on the daily mileage, which is 300 km. For an additional fee, it is possible to increase or completely remove this restriction.


All cars are provided to customers with a full tank. In case of returning a car with not full tank, the cost of fuel is to be paid at the average market price on the day of return.

Returning of the car in the off-hours

According to the preliminary agreement, you can pick up, as well as to return the car in any time, and even in the off-hours or on holidays.


Each company car has a compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy.

The maximum insurance coverage is:

  • 200 000 UAH - for property damage .
  • 300 000 UAH - for life and health damage.

In insurance case of traffic accident, theft or damage to the vehicle.

All cars have CASCO insurance policy.

CASCO min - this insurance is included in the cost of renting a car, but provides for a franchise. The amount of liability of the Lessee depends on the class of the car.

CASCO middle - an additional option that reduces the Lessee 's liability in the case of an accident or theft. Option is purchased on request.

CASCO max - an additional option that reduces to zero the Lessee's liability in the case of an accident. The option is purchased on request.

The cost and terms of additional insurance for each car are individual and negotiated with the manager.


When renting, a deposit must be paid for the car corresponding to the car class and the selected insurance package.

The amount of the deposit may not coincide with the size of the franchise.

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