What is car sharing

What is car sharing

Car sharing is a short-term car rental service that allows you to drive in a car within a designated area (usually a city and a suburb). Car sharing (carsharing) consists of two English words - car (car) and sharing (exchange). So, car sharing literally translates as "car exchange."

Now car sharing is rapidly gaining popularity. renting a car for a few hours is the best option in many situations when “at hand” you don’t have your own transport, or it is not suitable for solving current problems. It can be expected that in the near future all car sharing cars will be evenly distributed throughout the city - within walking distance of the order (5-10 minutes on foot).

How does car sharing work?

By default, car sharing refers to a short-term car rental - usually from a few minutes to several hours. In order to use the service, you need rights (usually it takes at least 2 years of experience), a passport and a bank card. All clearance procedures are as automated as possible.

To take a car for a short-term rental, you need to register on the website or in the mobile application, send scans of documents and wait for the approval of the security service. After that, it remains only to bind the card in your personal account - and you can use the service, everything works very simply.

When the initial registration is completed, the choice of car takes several minutes. You enter the system under your name, choose a suitable free car in a convenient place and go on it to your destination.

After completing the trip, you leave the car in a convenient place of permitted parking, pay for the service.

Benefits of Car Sharing:

  • Saving money: when using car-sharing services, you do not spend money on the obligatory expense items that accompany car ownership - gasoline, parking, maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc.
  • Saving time: this type of rental allows you to find a car as quickly as possible, more often it takes even less time than calling a taxi.
  • Environmental friendliness: several people use one car - this significantly reduces emissions into the atmosphere and helps to delay the onset of an environmental disaster.
  • Reducing traffic jams: using short-term rental services, you simply go from point A to point B, without arrivals to unnecessary places - this positively affects the overall traffic traffic.

The main advantage of a short-term rental is that you don’t have to buy your car at all, and at the same time provide yourself with the right level of comfort. Owning your own new car in a megalopolis imposes a lot of restrictions and entails expenses - you need to look for a parking or garage, maintain and repair a car, spend money on consumables, etc. In short, the pleasure of “driving” is expensive. Taxi is also not the best option for a person who is used to managing the situation on the road. The car-sharing service combines all that is needed - the ability to drive a car without extra costs. See also car rental in Kharkov.

You rent a car for a short time when you need it, and do not worry about servicing it the rest of the time. The “arrived, transferred payment and forgot” format is an ideal solution for megacities. If you need short trips with a per-minute payment, it makes no sense to "drive" your car, spend time and money on parking - it is much more convenient to use car sharing.

The difference between car sharing and car rental

Standard car rental from companies is a service focused on people who need private transport for a long time (from 1 day to several weeks, months). In this case, as a rule, the user can receive the service only during certain business hours, which do not always coincide with the needs. Short-term rental in this regard is the best option - a car can be found anytime, anywhere.

Differences between car sharing and long-term rental

  • points of delivery and return of cars operate 24/7;
  • all procedures are as automated as possible;
  • You can vary the short-term rental time in any framework - by minutes, hours or days (within one year);
  • a large number of rental points (issuance and return) of cars in the city;
  • insurance, use of parking lots and gasoline are already included in the price by the profile company.

Short-term rental rates are calculated taking into account hourly and per-minute payments - both driving time and expectations are taken into account. Accordingly, the price of the trip consists of two parts: “Rent” and “Waiting”. The cost per minute varies from company to company. You pay only for the time when you actually used the car, the total cost of the trip is displayed at the time of completion of the journey.

How to take a car in car sharing

Regardless of which company provides the car-sharing service, they have approximately the same rules. Basic requirements - the driver must be at least 21 years old (less often - 18 years), and his experience must be at least 2 years (in some companies - at least 5 years).

If your age and driving experience comply with the established rules for short-term rental - you can start registration, it only takes a few minutes.

  1. Registration: install the application, send data (passport, rights) to the operator and sign a short-term rental agreement - all this is done remotely.
  2. Entrance to the personal account: after signing the contract, the user gets access to the personal account, where trips are made.
  3. Choosing a car: in the application on the smartphone, all free cars are displayed - you just choose the one that meets current tasks and is nearby.

The key in the ignition is already in the selected car, you can immediately use it. The door opens through the application on the smartphone. At the end of the trip, the car is parked, payment is transferred to the aggregator - everything is very simple and as automated as possible. It is not only convenient, but also cheap!

The cost of the trip is formed by two methods:

  • Time is calculated only in the movement of the car from point to point;
  • Parking is taken into account - this is important if you call in several places.

All communication with technical support is built through chat bots or the application - this is convenient, you do not need to call anywhere.

Where can I leave a car

When the trip in the carsharing system is completed, the car can be left in any parking lot included in the service area.

Some companies that provide car sharing services allow you to leave a car even outside the city - for example, at airports and other popular locations. Short-term rental conditions prohibit leaving cars in closed courtyards, parking lots or parking lots, access to which is limited.

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